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Gendu "The Gentleman's Duel" is a Trading Card Game where two gentlemen duel. The gentlemen set up their dungeons and battle to the death. All the cards created are user submitted. The ones with the most votes make it into the upcoming releases. All the current submission are on our Facebook and Reddit(/r/GenDu) pages.

The Latest GenDu series has been unleashed.

GenDu Position of Power is the latest series released for "The Gentleman's Duel" Leave your foes trembling in their garrison once you add cards from this new series into your arsenal. It features 160 new cards created by the players! The highly sought after rare and super-rare cards come in exclusive silver and gold foil.

What new combo will you unleash upon your opponent? Several new game mechanics have been introduced.  This series syncs almost perfectly with the alpha series to create an unstoppable force.

Do you have what it takes to uphold the law of the land?


Join the Judgeship.  We are looking to recruit judges across the land to run tournaments for GenDu "The Gentleman's Duel."  Someone who knows the game better than the rest and is willing to organize tournaments and show the other gentlemen how things are done. 

Being part of the judgeship also has it's benefits.  You will get access to exclusive gear and promo cards that can truly ascend your gentlemanship to new heights.  Work your way up the ranks and you can even participate in testing the new cards before they come out. If you think you have what it takes click the image of Judge Gaveldini to begin.


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